Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to come and watch a class first. We have a sitting area all around the dance floor and our students frequently bring their relatives and friends to come and watch them take a lesson.

Join us and become a dance lover

Do I need a partner to join?

No, singles and couples are always welcomed. We can’t always guarantee that you will have a partner, but our instructors will always be there to help.

I feel intimidated just thinking about going to a dance studio to take lessons. Any comments to ease my fears?

After having taught a lot of people to dance, we know how you feel. Our classes are consistently well-attended because we know how to put people at ease and make the classes a lot of fun. There will always be other people around you who initially feel the same way as you. You will have plenty of company but we guarantee you will have fun learning.

I tend to forget half of what I learnt the moment I walk out the door. Got any suggestions?

I would say 80% of students are exactly like you. The same percentage of people do repeat the class a second or a third time. As they say, “Repetition is the mother of all skill.”

If I'm not sure I can get new steps fast?

Relax. With an expert dance instructor learning will be easy, comfortable, and thrilling every step and figure of the way! Learn at your own pace: you’ll never feel overwhelmed or intimidated, and within a few weeks you will have learned your way around the dance floor. Learning with the expert dance instructor is the most extensive way of making a quick progress.

How should I dress and do I need to buy dance shoes?

Just come dressed casual and be ready to have fun. There is no need to buy dance shoes at this stage. Street shoes however are not allowed on the dance floor. You can bring with you a pair of regular shoes with leather or suede sole. Shoes with non-slippery sole of any kind are not recommended.

Do you ask people to change partners frequently? I prefer not to do that.

No, we do not ask people to change partners. Once you are paired up with someone (or your regular partner) you will stay with that person for the duration of the lesson. In the entire several week course, there are only 5 to 10 minute segments in which we do go through an exercise that involves changing partners. It is hilarious and students think it is great. So there is nothing to worry about.

Can I come and watch a class and see how you teach first?

Absolutely. In fact, we always recommend that our guests come and check us out first. We have a large sitting area all around the dance floor and our students frequently bring their relatives and friends to come and watch them take a lesson.

How do I know when I'm ready for private lessons?

If you want to improve your dancing, then you are ready. There is no such thing as being “good enough” or “ready” for private lessons. Private lessons are taught at all levels, from absolute beginner to experienced competitor.