Select a dance program that fits you best.

Whatever your goals for ballroom dancing are, you will find a great fit in a number of our training programs. Do you want to compete or just want to go out on the weekend and look good at the party? You’ll be better prepared for a night of casual social dancing if you learn basic steps for a number of dance styles or for a pro-am competition if you polish your routine at our classes.




Our programs/classes are also structured to allow the students to progress from Beginners – Beginners 2 – Intermediate – Bronze – Silver – and beyond. In each course, we review material taught at the previous level, teach new steps and dance technique, and introduce new dances. As in learning most skills, people need to practice regularly and learn step by step. Group classes are great for further support of your training and development of your skills and also if you’re in for the fun and fitness.




For the people who are first introduced to ballroom dancing, we recommend to start with our Beginners program and then progress at a comfortable pace through our group classes. However, if students wish to accelerate their training, learn a specific dance in detail, or wish to develop their dancing skills with the aim to compete, the best choice is  private lessons. One-to-one instruction is the fastest way to improve your dancing!




If you are interested in competitive dancing, but don’t have a partner, pro-am competition is a great option for you. Pro-Am competition is a category in ballroom dance where amateur students partner with a professional dancer.

Pro-Am competition is for the ambitious, highly motivated individual who wants to succeed. Starting from Beginner all the way up to the Championship level, you will have the opportunity to compete against other amateur dancers. The competition season is all year round, and Sergey works closely with his students to design a competition and training schedule that best suits their needs. Age is not a factor. Whatever your age is, as long as you have the desire to dance, Pro-Am is an exciting option to consider! Dancing with an expert helps you achieve your very best!

Dances in competitions are typically categorized by age but also by skill. There is everything from pre-bronze, to bronze to silver to gold to professional. Some competitions even offer a “newcomer” which is for those for whom it is their first competition (these categories are for amateur dancers and pro-am).




Wedding Dance (which is a choreographed routine to your choice of music) became very popular today. Just choose a song with a personal sentiment and call/e-mail Sergey for a FREE consultation (bring a CD with your song).

Even beginner dance couples can perform an amazing first dance after only few private dance classes. How long it will take to be prepared for the big day?

For those with a prior background in dancing of any kind, which feel that they simply need a refresher, or to just touch up the choreography before the big day – 3 to 5 hours of private wedding dance instruction would be enough.

If you’ve never danced before, but would like to do something special for your first dance, various figures from your preferred dance(s) will be explained quickly and thoroughly to best prepare you for the occasion  that could take from 5 to 7 hours of private wedding dance instruction.

For those that wish to truly impress  let us design a fancy and glamorous wedding dance routine for you! Your friends and family will be amazed by your performance. Around 10 hours of wedding dance private instruction would be necessary.

My fiancée and I just had our first lesson with Sergey last night. He so totally rocks! He’s positive, upbeat, knowledgeable, and breaks the steps down in simple ways. He’s amazing to work with and left us excited for our next lesson!

It’s never too late entering into the world of ballroom dance! With an expert dance instructor you can learn comfortable at your own pace.